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Within The Scope Of Kocaeli Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (Kocaeli Sump), Various Activities Were Organised During European Mobility Week

Within The Scope Of Kocaeli Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (Kocaeli Sump), Various Activities Were Organised During European Mobility Week

European Mobility Week was celebrated between 16-22 September within the scope of Kocaeli Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. During this week, various activities were organised with the participation and support of the people of Kocaeli.

With the theme “Discover Your City!” and the slogan “Save Your Future Energy!” determined by SUMP Turkey for the year 2023; during the week, attention was drawn to issues such as the need to increase non-motorised transport in the city and reduce the use of private vehicles, and the importance of clean energy use in transportation.

The European Mobility Week, which is held every year between 16-22 September, was celebrated with high participation and enthusiasm this year. The theme of this year’s week was “Discover Your City!” and the slogan of the week was chosen as “Save Your Future Energy!” to emphasise energy conservation, a current and important issue concerning the whole world. Within the scope of the Kocaeli SUMP Project, whose main objective is to reduce the environmental and social problems caused by transport for Kocaeli, various activities were also held in Kocaeli.

The opening of the week was held on 16 September with a bicycle tour in Karamürsel Kordon with the participation of more than 150 cyclists. The 2.3 km tour started from Sekapark Kite Hill in the morning and continued with bicycles to «1 Mart» Pier and from there to Ulaşlı Pier by ferry. Then, after a 9 km tour on Karamürsel Kordon, the tour ended by returning to 1 March Pier. Mr Ali Bilgi, Head of Transportation Department of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, participated in the live broadcasts made by TMM SUMP Turkey from Karamürsel on the same day. Cyclists were welcomed with great interest by the public throughout the tour.

On 22 September, which is celebrated as “Car Free Day” all over the world, the week was closed with a cortege starting in front of Kocaeli Central Bank in the evening and ending at İzmit City Square. The cortege, consisting of pedestrians and cyclists and accompanied by a marching band, was accompanied by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Gökmen Mengüç and Head of Transport Department Ali Bilgi. The participants had a pleasant time with the janissary show in Izmit City Square and the open-air film screening afterwards.

In addition to all these, within the scope of the “Street Transformation Rehearsal Implementation Support Programme” initiated in cooperation with the Union of Marmara Municipalities, Superpool and Global Designing Cities Initiative in order to transform city streets into pedestrian and child-friendly public spaces with livable areas for children and their parents, the streets in and around Ahmet Taner Kışlalı Primary School in Esentepe Neighbourhood, Körfez District were arranged with the works carried out during the week. On 21 September 2023, in addition to students and parents, Mayor of Körfez Municipality Şener Söğüt, Director of National Education of Körfez District Sergülen Kurt and Head of Transportation Department of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Ali Bilgi also attended the opening ceremony.

An exemplary project was carried out to create safe streets where non-motorised transport is encouraged and alternative transport is provided. The studies within the scope of the Project will be continue without slowing down.