It's Time for Change



Identifying stakeholders is an important step in managing the stakeholder engagement process. Stakeholders are individuals or groups that may be directly affected by the SUMP decisions, the physical arrangements or administrative practices to be made as a result of these decisions, or indirectly affected by their performance and results, even if they do not use them directly. They may also consist of individuals and groups interested in the project and its impacts.


The first step in our stakeholder analysis was to determine who our stakeholders would be. For this purpose, all persons who are affected by the project, who have influence or power over the project, or who are interested in the SUMP elaboration process were taken into consideration.

Kocaeli SUMP Stakeholders

1 - Central institutions of the national government

2 - Local organisations of the national government

3 - Other local government organisations

4 - Private sector transport service providers

5 - NGOs - Professional chambers and unions related to transport

6 - NGOs - Professional chambers and unions related to transport

7 -NGO - Sustainable transport, environment and energy

8 - CSO-Disadvantaged/Vulnerable Groups

9 - NGO-Sports and Active Living

10 - Higher education institutions

11 - Media (Local press and social media)

12 - Other groups